Friday, 8 November 2013

Share dealing-The tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

What you need to start trading and share dealing

Below I will list what I use to trade shares. Its not as complicated as you may think! But there are a few things that you will need.

First up the most obvious Money! To start with I would say around 2K but only trading with about half the amount at one time. This is just in case things go wrong and you still have some money to trade with.

When I first started trading I made about 70 % my 2K in a year, which wasn’t too bad I guess. What was better is that I only made four trades.

A free account with ADVFN. This site is where you can get all your performance figures from about companies so you can make a choice. It also has many other features. An outstanding source of information. Great for stocks,shares and general market news.

Third up a trading account. There are many out there and they all pretty much are the same. But some have better newcomer offer than others.

Fourth a smart phone! Basically if you are on the move.

And that’s all I use!

I will go into detail on the four items above in the next posts so have read of this again and then we can take a deeper look at stocks and shares and the general market.

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